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Best Homemade Ranch

Updated: Sep 4

If you’re looking for the best homemade ranch, look no further, You’ve found it!

I love making this ranch at the beginning of the week. This ranch is perfect for salads, veggies, wings, proteins, chips, salsa—you-name-it—this ranch would be delicious with it.

Obviously this ranch is delicious but another reason I call it the best homemade ranch is because it’s made from 100 percent whole ingredients. Most store-bought ranch is packed with soybean oil, added sugars and preservatives. Yuck! This amazing ranch has zero sugar. Since I used Primal Kitchen Mayo with Avocado oil, it doesn’t have dairy or soybean oil.

Most of these ingredients are probably already in your pantry so make this ranch and thank me later!

This recipe comes from the one-and-only sauce queen, Healthy Little Peach. You can find the full recipe here.


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